Introduction to InfoMagic Pte Ltd  

InfoMagic started exploring into the world of digital imaging when Disney Corporation was searching for an "instant" photography solution for their DisneyFest show in Singapore in November 1997. The three-month affair with Disney was highly successful. It proved conclusively that digital imaging solutions were ready for prime time. Many satisfied customers were amazed to discover that the photographs they were holding in their hands were not from conventional means. The silver halide-based photo era is coming to an end. From this amazing beginning, InfoMagic researched and experimented with various hardware and software solutions and market opportunities that presented themselves

InfoMagic now provides a wide array of digital video and imaging solutions and services to these businesses:

- Film development and processing outlets

- Internet Service Providers

- Mobile telecommunications providers

For film development and processing outlets InfoMagic provides a one-stop solution, from hardware, software and training to back-labs bureau fulfilment of printing and video conversion services. InfoMagic now services over 200 development and processing outlets in Singapore. Digital printing services are required to cater to the phenomenal growth of digital cameras in the consumer marketplace.

Video conversion services include the digitization of analogue and digital videotapes on VHS, MiniDV, Video8, Digital8 and Hi8 to VCD and DVD formats. Again this is a much sought-after service with the growth of the video cam market. In a recent tie-up with VideoEZY, and Australian video rental chain, InfoMagic hopes to extend the coverage both in Singapore and the Asian region.

For Internet Service Providers, InfoMagic provides back-end fulfillment and delivery services for web-based online photo album ordering of digital images. Some of the tie-ups include Asian-based photography interest groups such as

For mobile telecommunications providers, InfoMagic provides the back-end fulfillment of images captured by the new wave of hand phones with built-in digital cameras. These images are transmitted back via the latest 3G and MMS-based telecommunications infrastructure and printed on plastic cards such as Touch ¡®n Go, EZ-Link and CashCards. One of the customers that InfoMagic services is Singapore Telecoms (SingTel), and provides the fulfillment services for their Photo Sprint web service.

Another project that InfoMagic is working on is with Nokia Global, providing web hosting and print fulfilment services for Nokia¡¯s new N-series Symbian-based 3G hand phones. With direct integration into the built-in menu system, users can quickly and easily select a photo, choose the size and number of prints, and directly send the order to InfoMagic for fulfilment.

InfoMagic is poised to render advanced video transcoding services for the new upcoming 3G phones to mainstream media formats such as VCD and DVD.