Key strengths  

What InfoMagic brings to the table

PC hardware and software expertise:

-    Expertise and knowledge in configuring, supporting and servicing PC hardware

-    Touch screen systems, PCMCIA readers, SCSI adapters, USB ports, etc.

-    Networks, Internet connectivity

-    Expertise and knowledge in PC software

-    Operating systems (Linux, Windows 98/SE, ME, 2000 NT, XP)

-    Digital imaging software such as PhotoShop

  Expertise and knowledge in PC software localization in the Asia region:

-    Thailand language

-    Indonesia/Malaysia : Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu

-    Taiwan : Traditional Chinese

-    China : Simplified Chinese

-    Korean language

-    Japanese

  Digital imaging product knowledge and expertise:

  Input devices

-    Flatbed scanners

-    Film Scanners

-    Roll Scanners, e.g. Pakon Impak scanners

-    Digital cameras

  Output devices

-    Inkjet printers

-    Dye Sublimation printers

-    Sienna FotoPrint

-    Digital minilabs such as the Noritsu 2301 with HRCRT

-    CashCard printer (exclusive supplier for Singapore Mints SPI Orchid plastic card printer and blank SmartCards)

  Industry knowledge, networking and contacts:

-    PC hardware and software vendors such as HP, Compaq, Gateway, Dell and Adobe for the Asia-Pacific region

-    Photographic industry vendors such as Konica, Fuji, Agfa, Polaroid and Kodak

-    PC peripherals and conventional photography suppliers such as Canon, Epson, Minolta, Olympus, Nikon and Casio

-    Internet service providers such as SingTel Magix, Pacific Internet and StarHub

  Distribution channels in Asia-Pacific:

-    Extensive knowledge of the markets in Asia-Pacific:

-    Asean region: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines

-    South Asia: Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and IndoChina (Kampuchea, Myanmar, Vietnam)

-    North Asia: South Korea, China, Japan

-    Australia and New Zealand

  Service Bureau:

-    First and only digital imaging service bureau

-    Network of over 200 film development and processing outlets for digital image processing jobs such as:

-    Photo restoration and retouching

-    Photo colorization

-    Photo manipulation and montage

-    CashCard personalization

-    Film scanning and CD-ROM burning

-    Templates such as Calendars, Valentine¡¯s Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya (Malay), Deepavali (Indian)

-    Canvas and large-format printing

-    Printing on silver foils and acetate films

-    Photo Scrapbooks and Photo Albums