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Information on MagicVideo CD


Music for the month of September to December 2000 are taken from Gary Lamb Music - Distant Fields and Imaginations:
  1. Distant Fields (Default selection for MagicVideo CD)
  2. Say It with Your Heart
  3. The Love & The Rose
  4. After The Rain
  5. Promise of Summer
  6. Modern World  


Frequent Ask Questions

These are intended to be brief answers to basic questions. 

  1. What is MagicVideo CD?
    MagicVideo CD  is a new service used to store high-resolution images that have been captured on 35mm or APS film and digitized by a film scanner.

    Its resolution is 704x480 (NTSC) 

    You can play MagicVideo CDs on a  dedicated Video CD player (that supports CD-R and VCD format version 2.0) connected to a TV.  Some DVD players that support CD-R can also play MagicVideo CDs.

    The following information on DVD players is taken from customers' feedback.
    DVD Players 
    that are compatible to
    MagicVideo CD
    DVD Players 
    that are NOT compatible to
    MagicVideo CD
    • 3rd Generation Toshiba DVD player
    • Apex AD-600A
    • Panasonic dvd-L10
    • Panasonic dvd-P10
    • Panasonic DVD-A310
    • Philips DVD825
    • Pioneer DVL-909
    • Pioneer DVD-515
    • Pioneer DV414 Pay
    • Pioneer DVL-919
    • Pioneer DV525
    • Pioneer DV-525
    • Pioneer DV-K302CD DVD
    • Pioneer DV606D
    • Sony DVP -S7700
    • Sony DSP-300 DVD player
    • Sony DVP-500D
    • Panasonic DVD-A112
    • Panasonic DVD-A300
    • Panasonic A-120
    • Philips DVD815AT
    • Pioneer DVD 505
    • Pioneer DV-505 
    • RCA 5500P
    • RCA 5210 DVD player
    • RCA 5200
    • Sony DVP-s550d
    • Sony DVP-S725
    • Sony DVPs-530D
    • Sony DVP-S530D
    • Toshiba 3109
    • Toshiba 3108



  2. What is the media for MagicVideo CD?
    CD-R is short for "CD-Recordable". Recordable CDs are WORM (Write Once, Read Multiple) media that work just like standard CDs. The advantage of CD-R over other types of optical media is that you can use the discs with a standard CD player. The disadvantage is that you can't reuse a disc.

     A related technology called CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) allows you to erase discs and reuse them, but the CD-RW media doesn't work in all players.
  3. Are MagicVideo CDs  identical to normal CDs?
    The CDs you buy in a store are pressed from a mold. MagicVideo CDs (CD-Rs) are burned with a laser.